The design leadership podcast is devoted exclusively for exploring into the minds of some of the world’s most influential design leaders.


Learn how they drive transformation in organizations through the power and influence of design and design led innovation.

We now have proof that design can deliver great value to the business and to elevate brand power of all products, services and ecosystems. Not only for profits, but adding value across the triple (profit, planet people) bottom line.

Learn more about some of the worlds top design leaders, their journeys, some defining moments and their future outlook on the design industry.

This podcast aims to help you navigate your own design journey and help inform and inspire you in your pursuit of design leadership.


Jay has been working alongside some of the worlds prominent design leaders, helping them to identify opportunities and solve challenges in the areas around Design Management, Design Leadership and Design for Business.

Jay has played a key role in advancing Design & Innovation in some world leading companies, including LEGO, Nestle, Bose, Kimberly Clark, Staples & Roche to name a few..

Justin Dauer

(former) Vice President, Human-Centered Design and Development @bswift
Justin is a prolific designer, author and speaker on user experience design, culture and leadership with over 23 years of experience across agency, studio, and tech.

His passions lie in building inclusive and diverse teams, fostering creative cultures, and advocating for design serving the human connection.

Justin is also the author of Cultivating a Creative Culture, now within its second edition, as well as host of his own podcast on creative culture.

RECORDED : 06 April 2022

Aaron Richter

VP Design @ Equinox Brands
Aaron is an accomplished design leader driving the development of global mixed-use developments; specializing in four-five star hotels, spas, fitness facilities, food & beverage outlets, retail, work place, luxury residential and sales centers.

Throughout his career, Aaron has been a key factor in helping to improve and elevate the overall user experience across a variety of built environments.

RECORDED : 20 December 2021

Andy Vitale

Executive Vice President of Design at Rocket Companies
Andy Vitale is the Executive Vice President of Design at Rocket Companies, the nation’s #1 mortgage lender, where he leads a team focused on transforming the mortgage lending experience for millions of people. Throughout his career, Andy has built, scaled and led world-class design teams that elevate the role of design as an organizational competence and a competitive advantage ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies spanning the fintech, health, technology and eCommerce industries.

Andy is also Co-host of the Surfacing Podcast, a podcast dedicated to deep diving into the world of the digital maker community.

RECORDED : 29 November 2021

Gleb Kuznetsov

Chief Design Officer @ Brain Technologies
Gleb is an accomplished Design executive and venture capitalist. He is busy managing and leading global design teams to develop cutting edge visual design and user experience solutions including consumer AI-based products, operating systems for mobile, wearables, TV, automotive transportation HMI, IoT, and multi-screen platforms. Gleb is a also a founding partner of Milkinside, a digital agency to help world leading brands to advance and excel in digital technologies.

RECORDED : 19 November 2021

Maria Giudice

Founder and Executive Coach @ Hot Studio

Maria is an industry pioneer in digital design and digital ecosystems leading and driving transformation in the digital sector for over 30+ years.

With previous leading roles at renowned organizations such as Facebook and Autodesk, she now helps to coach others around the challenges & complexities of advancing design in business.

Maria teaches at California College of the Arts as well as Stanford Continuing Studies and is co-author of The Rise of the DEO, Leadership by Design.

RECORDED : 14 October 2021

Sean Carney

Chief Experience Design Officer at Philips

Sean is currently Chief Experience Design Officer, Executive Vice President, as well as General Manager of Healthcare Transformation Services at Philips, where he is helping to deliver the company mission to improve the lives of 2.5 Billion people across the globe. Sean has an extensive 30+ years’ career journey driving design transformation and brand experiences in many world leading global organizations, such as Electrolux, Assa Abloy and Hewlett-Packard.

RECORDED : 14 October 2021

Pernilla Johansson

Chief Design Officer @ Electrolux

Pernilla is currently Chief Design Officer at Electrolux Group, enabling a business integrated design network that supports multi-functional teams towards well-designed Brand Experiences. With extensive international experience in leadership roles, Pernilla is helping to drive transformation for a more purpose driven, sustainability conscious approach to developing an extensive product and experience portfolio that delivers both global and timeless appeal.

RECORDED : 3 May 2021

Anne Asensio

Head of Design @ Dassault Systemes

Anne is currently VP and head of Design at Dassault Systemes, helping to drive innovation, design experiences and digital transformation for her organization and for their extensive global client partners. With an intensive experience in both Automotive and Digital industry, Anne strives to transform organizations, helping corporate leaders and managers to think in a more creative and innovative way and to act more like an entrepreneur.

Anne is also an active board member of the World Design Organization, helping them to achieve their mission to advocate industrial design and design driven innovation that creates a better world.

RECORDED : 26 April 2021

José Manuel dos Santos

Head of Design & User Experience of Signify

José is currently head of Design & User Experience of Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) and has held various design and leadership roles for agencies and large scale global enterprises alike. Jose is also an entrepreneur having started several ventures in the design industry and among a very exclusive group who holds a PhD in Design Management.

RECORDED : 5/09/2020

Jurjen Jacobs

Chief Growth Officer @ FLEXcon

Jurjen is currently heading growth for a global leader in coated and laminated films and adhesive and has led multiple management & executive Innovation and Marketing positions for companies such as Whirlpool, Velcro, Shark Ninja. Jurjen is a true design thinker using design to drive market strategy, customer experience, R&D development and business growth.

RECORDED : 2/09/2020

Philip Thompson

Vice President of Design @ Intuitive

Philip is currently leading design in one of the world’s top surgical robotics company, Intuitive. His design journey spans many decades within design roles across many world leading companies, including Electrolux, Whirlpool Corporation, Masco and Newell Brands. .

RECORDED : 20/05/2020

Martin Riber Andersen

Chief Innovation Officer @ Stokke

Martin is an accomplished design leader and currently Vice President of Innovation at Stokke, a global leader of high end children’s furniture & accessories. Martin has contributed many years of design and innovation leadership at several global leading organizations including the LEGO Group, helping to drive breakthrough success working with the Concept Lab and developing mega brands such as LEGO Bionicle.

RECORDED : 5/09/2020

Andrew Barraclough

Vice President of Design @ GlaxoSmithKline

Andrew is currently leading design in GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, and has worked in several world leading consumer packaged goods producers including managing & leading design at Reckitt Benckiser and Novartis. Andrew is deeply aware and astute in developing and deliver design for business, and sat on the board of directors for the United Kingdom’s prominent (DBA) Design Business Association.

RECORDED : 06/04/2022

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